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Can Men Use Depilatory Cream Meant for A Woman

A depilatory cream is treatment for removing unwanted hair on some parts of the body. Men with excess hair on the body are always uncomfortable and thus need a cream that would solve their problems. Men with excess hair on the body are always uncomfortable and thus need a cream that would solve their problems. As with women they often remove excess hair which is not the case with men.

Most men often ask this question whether they can use depilatory creams which are meant for women. The answer to this question is yes. Most the depilatory creams used by women can also be used by men. Even though excess hair in some parts of the body is life threatening it is always advisable to remove body hair for health reasons. There are steps and procedures which must be followed when using depilatory creams. These steps are:

1- Ensure that you skin is moist. Always ensure that before using depilatory creams your body is clean, moist and warm. Using a damp cloth wash the area with the hair to remove. This is meant to soften your hair and also to open the follicles.

2- Before you apply the cream always try with a small portion of the cream on your forearm to test just in case of a reaction.

3- Once you are sure there is no adverse reaction of the cream applies the cream on the rest of the area where you want the hair removed. Spread the cream using a wash cloth then following the manufacturer’s instructions leave it to sit. The cream breaks down Keratin which is a protein which gives hair strength.

4- After the time recommended you can wipe off the cream. This is done using a warm damp cloth. While wiping off the cream apply pressure downwards the wipe it against grains of your hair.

5- Repeat the process of applying and removing the unwanted hair until you get the desired results.

6- After you are done take a warm shower to remove all the hair and the remaining cream.

Precautions must be observed when using depilatory creams. Such precautions are;

* Never use depilatory creams if your skin is broken.
* Always avoid cream contact with your eyes.
* Keep your creams safe from children after use.
* Don’t expect that you will be hair free forever after using depilatory creams because you will stay hair free for several days up to two Dermology depilatory creamweeks.

Unlike women many male do not understand about depilatory creams and some are shy to ask. For many men there are concerns with the hair on the pubes and that is why most of them keep asking whether it is safe to use depilatory creams on their pubes. There are many answers to this question but the truth is it is very safe to use depilatory creams on the pubes.

One of the best products in the market is the Dermology hair remover cream. This product is ideal for both men and women and can be used on all parts of the body. This product is safe on your bikini for women and pubes for men. Once you apply this cream there is no need for waxing or even shaving.

Though usage of depilatory creams is one of the best methods of removing hair it can have some effects on the body since the cream contains calcium thioglycolate and sodium which are active ingredients. Some of the side effects related to usage of depilatory creams are:

- Irritation:- an allergic reaction may occur after using the depilatory creams that is why it is advisable to test the cream using a small portion of the cream so as to detect whether their body will react. Some of the likely irritation is chemical burns, which is caused by the cream staying longer than supposed on the skin, rashes, stinging, peeling and blisters.

- Odor: Chemicals used in making the depilatory cream may often cause strong odor which could be difficult to tolerate especially if applied close to the nose.

- Non Effective: Depilatory creams are sometimes not effective to some of those who use them. The level of effectiveness is likely to defer depending on the type of hair and cleanliness of the skin.
Information about this product is available online and customers should get vast information of the best Depilatory creams to make the best choice.

All in all Dermology is a great product that proved itself with thousands of customers, You should apply it first on small part of your body, such as your ankle. If the results are ok then go ahead and remove those extra hairs.

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