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Does Hair Removal Cream Make the Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Does Hair Removal Cream Make the Hair Grow Back Thicker?

This question can only be answered by explain how hair grows and what causes it to grow. There are many methods of hair removal. These include creams, shaving, waxing, laser removal and many others. The target of individuals is usually to get rid of the hair for as long as possible and where possible permanently.

Unwanted hair can be a ‘buzz kill’ if it grows back faster, darker and thicker. There are many explanations to hair regrowth. Hair is made of keratin, which is a hard protein. This protein is also present on nails and is known as keratin. Hair grows from follicles. These follicles hold the root of the hair and also create the site from which hair is formed.

To stop complete hair regrowth, these chambers have to be destroyed. This can be done by using electrolysis where a charge is released to destroy the hair making follicles. The creams however work differently. They are much more pungent and irritating and so should be handled with care. Creams will melt the hair base making it gelatinous enough to be wiped away after some time.

This however does not destroy the follicles. This means that re-growth is inevitable. Hair will grow much faster during shaving than cream applications. These are liked because they leave the surface much smoother than shaving. The case of regrowth is however completely different from all these.

Hair regrowth is determined by a number of factors. One of them is not the type of cream used to remove it. Hair regrowth is determined by the functions of the body and the hormones. The only thing that would affect hair regrowth is rooting it out from the follicles and destroying them.

The reason why the question “does hair removal cream make it grow back thicker?” arises is because of how the hair feels when growing. Hair feels thicker and harder after removal because of the stubble that comes with regrowth. Hair feels rougher at this stage because of its height. New hair growth also feels thicker because the hair has not been exposed to chemicals that weaken it. These are found in soaps, deodorants and many other chemicals. Hair integrity remains naturally thick unless it has been damaged externally. Some of the factors that affect the type of hair are;

The diet: what you eat will definitely affect how your hair grows. A good diet with enough proteins will see to it that your hair grows well. Water and other nutrients will also go a long way to affect hair regrowth after removal.

Disease; in the case of certain ailments, hair regrowth could be affected. If the hormones that lead to hair growth are hampered in any way, hair growth will be affected. More hair than usual could be a medical problem and needs to be checked.

Genetics: You could naturally have thicker hair due to genetics. People are different and so this cannot be used to cut across the board. How the hair grows is totally dependent on individuals. Some will use the creams and get their normal hair back while others may get weaker or thicker hair due to many variable factors.

Hair growth can also be affected by the products you use even as it grows. There are products that will strengthen hair while others weaken it. It does not matter what king of product it is as long as it gets into contact with the hair.

The type of hair one has will also matter. There are different types of hair. Some will have darker thicker hair while others will have softer hair. There are many products that are used to volume hair. The type of hair you have will remain constant. Doctors have proven that the hair does not change due to creams. It will just take longer to grow as opposed to other methods of removal.

People react differently to different removal methods. Go for what works for you without damaging or burning the skin. The conclusion of the matter is this; the volume of the hair is not affected by any hair removal cream. It is however affected by many external and internal factors relating to the body. You will need to however check your method of removal due to different factors. So does hair removal cream make it grow back thicker? The answer is a definite no!

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